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Fleming Grab


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The Fleming General Purpose Grabs is available in 1.25m (4ft) and 1.5m (5ft) width.

4ft model (SGB4) has 6 tines in base and 2 side tines for secure capacity.
5ft model (SGB5) has 8 tines in base and also 2 side tines.
Ideal for muck and silage
All hinge points fitted with grease points.
The top grab has 2 hydraulic cylinders for powerful gripping action and low power requirement.
4 curved tines on 4ft and 5 curved tines on 5ft
Forged tines mounted in steel bushings.
Forged tines mounted in steel bushings.
Heavy Duty Box section frame
Suitable for tractor mounted front end loaders and skid steer handlers
Wear strips fitted on main beam.

Price shown below is for 4ft grab

5ft grab available

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